Threads of Tradition and Global Expression: Persian Rugs Unraveled through Paintings and Globalization

"A Journey Through Paintings, Tradition, and the Forces of Globalization"


  • Leila Zolfalipour University of Alberta



Persian rugs, globalization, art history, cross-cultural communication, tradition, identity, cultural evolution


Abstract: Unravelling Persian Rugs: Art, Tradition and Globalization

This study investigates the dynamic relationship between Persian rugs, art, and globalization, following their transformation from functional objects to powerful symbols of identity. The study examines representations in paintings from various historical periods, highlighting the nuanced interplay between these textiles and global influences. Persian rugs have served as conduits for cross-cultural communication throughout history, from luxury in the Renaissance to modernistic interpretations in the twentieth. Through case studies, the paper delves into narratives that connect tradition and transformation, contributing to a better understanding of art, culture, and our shared human journey.